About the Artist


Josh Whiting Photos creates homely, unique and affordable décor right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast region. His photography showcases coastal landscapes, surf and ocean related scenes. Josh's local artwork provides a great opportunity to bring your walls to life and to continually remind you of Australia's world class sights.
Josh Whiting grew up in the Sunshine Coast region and is 21 years of age. He spent majority of his time in the ocean as a young kid, which later turned into his subject of choice for his photography. The ocean's spur moments and interaction between water and light hooked Josh in. He picked up his first camera when he was 14 and has been slowly developing his skills and finding his style ever since. Josh is proud to showcase his array of images in physical and digital print. Whilst converting his hobby into a full time business, Josh has also completed his Civil Engineering Honours degree.
Instagram - @JoshWhitingPhotos